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The Incendio Wand™

The Incendio Wand™

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Yep. Starting now, you can become the wizard or witch you’ve always dreamed of being. The Incendio Wand shoots out magical fireballs, and allows you to live out your wizarding fantasies! Just load the wand with the flash paper, and yell “INCENDIO!” as you cast your spell.

How to use

*Make sure flash paper is dry before using*

1. Charge Wand to full power(40 minutes)

2. Rip a piece off the flash paper and insert it into the wand opening, making sure you're putting as much as possible.

3.Use the included gaff to push the piece of paper as far as it will go.

4. Aim the wand and push and hold the button at the wand handle.

4. Yell “INCENDIO!” as you cast your spell

Whats Included

1x wand

1x USB charging cable

1x Spell Sheet

1x Flash Paper(suitable for 180 uses)

1x Gaff

1x Standby Battery


Weight: 280g 

Material: Plastic



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Magic Just Became Real.

The Incendio wand lets you live out your wizarding fantasies. It's perfect for cosplaying and having fun. Start your wizarding journey today!

Create Magical Experiences Now!

The Incendio Wand helps create magical experiences with you and your significant others. Load the wand and fire away as you watch your family and friends smile with joy.


With over 5 million views, the Incendio Wand community is growing faster than ever, and we're just getting started. Join others and use #incendiowand when making tiktoks with it.

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How does it work?

The Incendio Wand ignites the flashpaper and shoots it out of the opening. To trigger it, press the button at the handle. It is powered by a chargable battery.

What happens when I run out of the flash paper?

No worries, you can purchase some more here

How long does does it take to charge?

40 minutes

How long does the battery last?

40 uses